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Fun Friday: Santa Barbara Overnight

Today is Juan’s birthday and we are in Santa Barbara for an adults only overnight.It’s one of those times where the planets aligned and all the kids are either with the other parents or with Grandma. The gods were especially smiling since I managed to secure a discounted price at a beachside hotel and a nice restaurant.

We are enjoying each other and some of our favorite things.

Happy birthday to the one who keeps my heart awhirl!


Fun Friday – Blogging From Boise

Last weekend I was in Boise. Idaho.  I left the warm temperatures and these sunny skies of Southern California:

For this:

But I didn’t go to Boise for the climate. I went to visit my sister. My sister and I are only 17 months apart, and we were very close growing up.  We shared  a room when were young, and had a lot of good times.

As we have grown older, it’s been more difficult to stay close. Thirteen years ago my sister and her family  moved to Boise. She is very happy there and has built a nice life for herself and her family. Unfortunately, we don’t see each other very often, so I decided it was time for a visit.

Besides, I got to travel ALONE.  When I arrived my sister picked me up and took me for drive in her home town. We had a nice lunch in Boise downtown, BODO. Then we went to Basque market on this little street that has a Basque community, because apparently there are a lot of Basque people in Boise. Who knew?

Then we did what all sisters should do…we went shopping.

My sister is a star shopper. I do not like shopping.  But I watched and shopped along with her.  It was a quick trip but a nice visit…eating, shopping, movies and more shopping.

We even bought the same sweater. Good thing we live in different states because we won’t be spotted wearing it together.