Slug Away

I thought my first blog posting would be something profound from my past, or intriguing from my workplace, but instead it is both ordinary and special from my family life. While driving my 5 year-old to school today I had the pleasure of having one of those conversations one could have only with a child who has yet to become self-absored in the adolescent world of teen angst, or the tween world of ipods, nintendos and school yard gossip. Diego asked me if I liked slugs, knowing full well how much I detest those slimy, creepy creatures. He told me that he likes slugs and snails. (This I know is true, because whenever he manages to dig one up in our yard, he asks if he can put it on his arm so it can crawl up his sleeve. He also loves to make houses out of boxes or sticks for his slimy and crawly pets!) Diego then declared that a slug is just a snail without clothes. A snail who forgot to put on his pants! Diego proceeded to tell me the story of how one day the slug woke up and went to work. He was walking down the street when another insect saw him and said, “Wow those are nice pants.” The slug looked down and saw that he wasn’t wearing a shell. The slug said, “Oh oh, where’s my pants? I’m naked!” But,  then he realized he didn’t look so bad after all so he continued walking around naked. The End.
My kids inspire me. Diego just gave me my first post for my blog, and hatched an idea for the children’s book I have yet to write. I may become an author yet.

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