I’ve Moved!

 I’ve moved. I’ve moved my blog site. I packed up my blog posts –few though they were—and moved from Posterous to WordPress. For those of you just tuning in, you can check out my earlier Posterous posts by scrolling down or clicking here.  When I started this experiment with blogging I really didn’t know much about how to do it. My husband, ever supportive, scouted out some blog sites that were supposed to be really user friendly, he found me Posterous. I liked it, at first. But then I started trying to post pictures and even some videos. It was supposed to be easy. But technically-challenged-former-broadcast-major-blogger that I am, couldn’t figure out how to post things without becoming so frustrated it depleted my creative energy and took the fun out of blogging.

So, here I am, at a new site, with a (hopefully) better blogging focus, and a new blog name.  My old blog was titled Dianabanana. I decided to change the name of my blog.  Banana is my childhood nickname, bestowed upon me by my father. My brother sometimes calls me Banana too. I don’t think anyone else has ever used it. Still, I kind of liked it because it was from my childhood. I liked it A LOT better than my other childhood nicknames, Nancy and Gordita. Nancy, from this comicstrip character.

Well, my grandmother used to call me that because of a really bad haircut. Here I am with the Nancy-do.

My other childhood nickname Gordita. No, not this kind of Gordita. 

Godita, was my nickname because I was, well gorda, or chubby. A little. Besides, nicknames like this are not uncommon in many latino households. Flaco, means skinny, was my brother’s nickname, and Fea, means ugly, my mother’s. But check this out—my mother was and is anything but Fea!

Gordita was my moniker, but it was said with complete affection. Never mind that this nickname gave me body image issues that plague me to this day. But that’s a whole other blog post. Anyway, my new blog title, hopefully encompasses a lot more than just who I was as a child.

And another change, suggested by my husband, JUAN. That’s right. J has been declared JUAN. After reading my last blog, JUAN told me he didn’t like me using initials for him and our kids. Even though I was trying to protect their anonymity by using their initials instead of their names, JUAN thought it was too distracting. So everyone’s full identity will be stated in this new blog. I won’t even use my kids’ childhood nicknames. This way they can have other issues when they get older. Like how their mom/step-mom violated their privacy by posting pictures and using them as material for her blog.

So, welcome to my, new, re-invented, blog. I hope you like it.


7 thoughts on “I’ve Moved!

  1. Jess Carbajal says:

    Diana, I really enjoyed reading your new blog.. I am challenged in finding out how to get some of my thoughts posted.. I think Juan already took over the number one fan position, but rest assure that I am up there at the top.. I gave you the nick name BANANA only with deepest love and CARINO. Likewse the nickname I gave your mom (fea) was not to define her as ugly but within our ethnictiy it is intended only highest level of LOVE AND CARINO..
    Keep it up, and know that you are loved…VERY MUCH…

  2. Jennifer Chia says:

    Woohoo!! I am an official subscriber now. Love the picture of you and your mom. She is gorgeous!! Can’t wait to see your future blogs =)

  3. Monica Martinez says:

    I’ve never subscribed to a blog before and to be honest, not very familiar other than just the basics. This is fun and I’ve enjoyed reading your stories. Can’t relate to the parent parts, but I definitely respect and understand them. What I know I can relate to the most is your love for family, loving a husband as a best friend, and how we both share our love and respect for a culture we were both born into! Cheers to you, and happy blogging!

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