Hammer Nail Post

Day Two of this expanded blog experiment.

I am the kind of  person who likes to research something pretty thoroughly before I do it. After I have read all I can on a single subject,  I throw caution to the wind and jump in, head first.  Blogging is not much different. I did a fair amount of research into this blogging thing by looking at other people’s blogs. There are a lot of blogs out there, There’s a lot of advice on blogging too. But a couple of rules kept popping up about successful blogging. One of these rules came out of one of my favorite blogs.

Rule #1: Blog a lot. Post often.

So you can imagine my panic when I approached Day Two and I was frantically looking for material.  I needed some inspiration. Where to get it?

Rule #2: Write about what you know.

My family. My job. My husband. I was discussing this dilemma with Juan while we were walking out of work. We were waiting at the intersection to cross the street. He kissed me. In public. Ha! Maybe a post about how he usually doesn’t like to show public displays of affection. We began walking across the street and talking about the kids waiting for us at home. Ha! A post on how anxious the boys were for us to get home since they could have their long-awaited X-Box time. As we walked towards our car, we noticed the big thunder clouds over to the North and realized we would probably have to change our date night plans. Ha! A post on how to work in a little alone time with four kids in the house. I shared these possible post ideas with Juan. He smiled and said that my ramblings reminded him of that expression, “To a hammer, everything is a nail.”

Ahhhh….. Hammer…Nail….Post!!!

Which reminds me of something I read on another favorite blog

Rule #3: Don’t blog about blogging.

Maybe I need to do more research.


3 thoughts on “Hammer Nail Post

  1. One of many things that I have learned from my childhood friends, mostly the Nisei (First Generation Japenese Americans) was that awhile back one of my many friends said it in Japenese and then translated to me which said “DO NOT LIVE YOUR LIFE LIKE A NAIL OTHERWISE YOU WILL BE STRUCK OR HAMMER’D..” As I understood it he was explaning a cultural quality that they have over generations, which may explain why they are not loud, highly visible yet always hardworking and productive..and HUMBLE.. Just a thought to go with HAMMERNAIL SECTION.. Not necessarily the origin of the term but another input.. I know that the younger generations do not know of this when I asked them…Enough rambling…

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