Sunday Offerrings

It is not a sleep-in Sunday around our house. Nico had Donut duty with his boy scout troop after the 7:15 mass. He and I had to get up early to serve these beauties to the parting parishioners at St. philip’s.

Then it was off to our other church home, All Saints.  (Since we are a blended family we have had to blend our faiths too. The girls were baptized Catholic and the boys were baptized Episcopal. Now, we all go to both churches!! ) Nico had his first day of Acolyting today. Luckily, he had his sister Erica up there with him to show him the ropes.

The afternoon was already filled with a trip to visit family with a stop to Long Beach State where Olivia had spent the weekend in a speech and debate tournament. Somehow we mangaed to squeeze in a trip to Shoreline Village for a little family fun and ice cream.

Ice Cream Sunday

Finally, home Sunday evening to finish up this:

Maybe, I'll get a chance to watch my one of my favorite shows, before I crash and burn....


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