A Third Reason to love the Season

In previous posts I told you how October is one of my favorite months.  October,  is also a favorite for me because it is the unofficial start of the holiday season. In my house, holidays mean decorations. And Halloween is no exception.

There are several neighborhoods in our area which become graveyards, spider nests, and spooky houses in October. As I drive past these houses I dream of a day when my house can take on the total facade of a haunted manor.  When the kids were younger I used to decorate with a “harvest’ theme. But then the girls, who absolutely love all things scary, complained. So, I began mixing in a little spooky factor.  I ended up taming it down because some of the younger neighborhood kids didn’t want to come over. If I had a lot of extra money and time, I could go oveboard and create a full-on haunted house.  As it is, Juan doesn’t look forward to the “decorating season” because with each new holiday, I have to ask him to bring down one of the many crates of decorations I have stored in the attic.  Three crates are dedicated to Halloween. Thanksgiving has one. Christmas has… well let’s just say that I don’t have enough crates to contain Christmas.  My house was once affectionately called, “the Christmas cottage.”

Usually, I wait until the After-Halloween sales to pick up a few decorations. I have been buying a little bit every year for the past several years. Right now I have enough to decorate my front porch:

My living room:


My family room:

My kitchen:

My dining room:

And my guest bathroom.

When I got done putting most of the decorations out this year Erica complained  that the decorations were the same ones we use every year, and it wasn’t scary enough. Maybe I need to go out and the after Halloween clearance sales again this year, and work on a new theme for next year…spooky haunted house?


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