What is it? It’s a challenge to bloggers to post everyday, for a month. Everyday. For one whole month.  In November. Novembstarts the day after a late night spent walking through the neighborhood with kids, trying to keep them from getting run over by cars as they traipse house to house looking for candy.  November. The month that has two holidays, Veterans Day and Thanksgiving. Okay, so I am not a veteran, like my dad. (thanks,Dad), but this year Thanksgiving is MY holiday. November, the official kick off to the December holidays. November, the month that has not one, but two parent teacher conferences in it, two weekends of houseguests, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Oh, and did I mention that I have two cases with big deadlines this month? This would be a terrible month to try posting everyday. For a month.

 Did I mention I have a competitive spirit?  See you tomorrow.


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