Checking In with NaBloPoMo

 I signed up for National Blog Posting Month on November 1. Today marks the halfway point. I almost didn’t make it.  You see, it’s 10:00p.m on the 15th of November and I have gone all day without a post. I am tired and my brain is fried.  I started my day at 5:30am to take Olivia to school, made it to work at 7:00 where I put out about 3 fires. Then,  I raced off to Diego’s  parent teacher conference, picked up Nico from school, worked with Diego on homework, returned to school to pick up Erica from Girl Scouts, returned home to pick up Diego and take both of us to the dentist where I learned the unfortunate news that he would need a tooth extracted. Then I returned home to make dinner.  Simultaneously I ate dinner and quizzed Diego on his vocabulary words, did the dinner dishes and proceeded to bake two items for tomorrow’s bake sale. Just when was I supposed to blog today?  I almost gave up the NaBloPoMo, but I didn’t. I didn’t because I am kind of  enjoying this. I like the discipline it’s taking for me to sit down with my thoughts and actually produce something. Apart from the two things I baked today, the banana loaf and a carrot cake, I really did not create anything. This blog allows me to be creative, sometimes. And I produce something, from start to finish.  Too often my job does not allow me to create a finished product for months, if at all.  The responsibilities of motherhood can be mundane, exhausting, and garner little recognition.  So, even though I am tired, it’s late , and I nearly missed today’s post, I am still on track. And I get to do it all again tomorrow.  Fifteen more days to go.


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