Mischief in my Life

This is Mischief.

Like a lot of parts of my life, Mischief showed up without being part of my “plan.” I always thought that I would someday have a puppy, maybe a golden retriever or a yellow labrador.  But Mischief is neither of those breeds. In fact, we are not certain what she is, part lab, part pit bull? And she certainly wasn’t a puppy when she joined our family 7 years ago. Mischief was the loved pet of our good friends, Jenn and Tom. Actually, Mischief was Tom’s dog. Tom rescued her from the streets when she was just a puppy. When Tom married Jenn he had to find a home for Mischief because Jenn was allergic to dogs. That’s where we came in. Juan and I were just married. It was a crazy time.  We were just beginning our blended family, and I really didn’t want to add something else to the mix, especially a dog.  But Juan always wanted a dog like Mischief. So, before I knew it, we added another member to our growing family.  She has been a wonderful addition.

When we took custody of Mischief she was already an adult dog but had the playfulness of a puppy, without the destructive chewing habits. She has been gentle with all our kids, yet fierce enough to cause the UPS man to reach for his pepper spray when he comes to our door.  She has had enough energy to outlast us in games of fetch, yet she is also content to sit lazily by and watch the squirrels run across our back fence. She also has this weird habit of putting her paw in her mouth, like she is sucking her thumb.

Over the last couple of years Mischief has begun to age. She has grayed around her muzzle. She moves stiffly and constantly needs to be let outside during the middle of night. We found out she has Cushings disease which causes her to be hungry, thirsty and grow tumors. It’s not pretty, but she is not sufferring. Until lately, when she has begun having difficulty keeping her food down,and she has begun losing weight.  I am afraid the end is near. Juan will take her to the vet tomorrow to hear her prognosis. I am not sure what to expect. But then again I didn’t expect her to be a part of my life in the first place.  I guess that’s just how how life, and death, can sometimes play out. Whatever happens, I am happy to have had Mischief in my life.


5 thoughts on “Mischief in my Life

  1. Ryann says:

    That is lovely Diana…I just had to put down my cat who I had for 12 1/2 years…and although I was so sorry to lose him, I was so glad to have had him.

  2. Lora says:

    Here’s hoping you’ll have Mischief around for a little while longer. 🙂

    I’ve had many, many pets in my life…each one unique…and I couldn’t imagine my life without each and every one. No matter how hard the end may be, the time they are in our lives and the love they give are more than worth it!
    We’ve got a little, old kitty who’s also slowing down and moves a bit stiffly. I make sure to give her a little extra love every day.

    Mischief looks like a real sweetheart. ❤

    1. I agree Lora, each pet is unique. Mischief has been very special, and I had cats before her, so it had been awhile since I had a dog to love. Keep loving that old kitty of yours! Thanks for your thoughts.

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