Work Life/Work Wife

My husband Juan and I work in the same building, at the same office, but in different departments. Still, I am not his “work wife.” That title belongs to someone else.

She is a dear friend to him, and subsequently has become a good friend to me. So I guess that makes us sister-wives. Today we are saying good-bye to her with one of our favorite things to do together…lunch. Well, to be more precise one of her favorite lunches, Mexican food. We had lunch with fellow work friends, at Manuel’s Tepeyac , one of her new favorite places in Los Angeles.

Juan and S have known each other longer than Juan and I have known each other. S and Juan’s careers in the office have followed the same path. But now she is leaving with her husband and three kids to follow a job opportunity clear across the country. I will miss her. Juan will miss her. It has been nice knowing that my husband has had such a good friendship with her all these years. She encouraged him when he was in low points in his life and cheered with him during the high points. Their home lives have even intersected at certain points. Here are S and I, pregnant at the same time, though definitely not by the same man.

 So on this day before Thanksgiving, before I  brine my turkey, bake the pecan pie and arrange the flowers, I want to say good-bye to my husband’s work wife, my “sister-wife” and our friend. Thank you for your friendship.


One thought on “Work Life/Work Wife

  1. Susanne says:

    Hi there, Been meaning to let you know that I found out last Friday that you are good friends with S–her son was on Zack’s soccer team this fall. I finally got around to talking with her and found out where she worked and asked if she knew you–and she did! Discovered we were both at your wedding. Love how lives intersect and overlap. Happy Thanksgiving!

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