Mischief Remembered

Yesterday I woke up to news that I thought I was prepared for, but when Juan told me that Mischief had vomited twice during the night, I suddenly realized that maybe I wasn’t ready to face the inevitable and make the decision to put down our loved family dog, Mischief.  But I knew it was time, and the funny thing is, I felt like she knew it was time too. Mischief’s eyes looked tired and her movements were sluggish. She was nearly 15 years old, and had been diagnosed with Cushings disease months ago, though the vet said she was not in any pain. We knew our days with her were numbered so we tried to enjoy the time we had left. In the last month her health declined even further. Juan took her to the vet 10 days ago and the doctor prescribed antibiotics for  a kidney infection, and put her on a special diet. A couple of days later it looked like she was improving, and then her condition changed. She vomited regularly. She seemed restless, like she couldn’t get comfortable. She lost more weight. When I woke up to the news on Saturday morning, I knew we had to say good-by to her.

Telling Diego that it was time to say good-bye to Mischief was difficult. We told him that she was sick and explained what was going to happen, that the doctor would give her a shot to make her go to sleep.  Diego cried and asked plainly, tearfully, “You mean she is going to die today?” I sat with him and we petted her together as he cried. He asked to go to our neighbor’s house so he could share with his friends the news, saying that he would ask them to say something nice about her. While Diego was next door, we told the other kids the news and they said good-bye to Mischief.  Then Juan and I left to the vet.

The doctor confirmed what we knew. She did another ultrasound and said Mischief’s organs were failing and her gall bladder appeared enlarged. She gave us a choice to leave or to stay with her as the sedative was administered, and the drug which would stop her heart was injected. Juan and I chose to stay. The doctor put in an IV and placed a flannel blanket on the cold stainless steel table. Juan and I stroked Mischief and talked to her, even though we knew she couldn’t hear us since she had gone deaf years ago. As soon as the sedative was given, she lay down and sighed. She appeared calm and I looked into her eyes. They appeared peaceful, ready for what was next. Juan and I stroked her head and looked into her eyes. We both cried as the vet administered the barbituate. As I watched Mischief’s eyes I saw the life go out of them. Her breathing stopped. I asked the vet if it was over and she said yes. The vet told us we could have as much time as we wanted with her, said there would be no charge for the day, and we would not have to stop at the reception area on the way out.  The doctor left Juan and I alone with our loved dog.  We said a prayer of thanksgiving for the life Mischief shared with us and then we left the room.  As we walked through the waiting room filled with animals and their families, everyone seemed to quiet upon seeing us leave, with swollen eyes, a leash in our hand, but without our dog. Without Mischief in our lives.


11 thoughts on “Mischief Remembered

  1. Richard says:

    Sorry to hear of your loss. Your entry of her last hours was very touching, Mischief was a great dog and will continue to live in all of your memories.

  2. My words can not express my grief and sorrow that I feel for your loss as well as our loss in having Mischief leave all our lives. Mischief was not only loved in your home but in ours..Having gone through passings of Taco and Jake I can only reflect not only only on the love that we all gave her but know that she also gave us demonstrated love and companionship when we shared moments with her..

  3. Lora says:

    What a touching account of your final moments with Mischief. I read it with tears in my eyes and a cuddled cat in my lap. I’ve been in that position many times and have always made the decision to be there with them too. Even though it is very hard, I believe we owe it to them to be the last ones they see and not to leave them at that time with a stranger. I’m sure Mischief thanks you for being there and loving her all those years. My sympathies.

  4. Very sad for you. I came here from Motherscribe. This is something I’ve had to do with two of our beloved dogs – all suffering from old age and similar sickness, and we lost a third who went before we could help him out. Your description is so true and so tender and loving. I hope that Diego can cope and understand.

  5. I went through this with Friendli, my dog who was sixteen when I was twenty. We grew up together. I wasn’t ready for another dog until we got the puggles, seventeen years later. I still dream about her. I stayed with her too while she got the shot. She seemed peaceful. How ironic that I found your post today when my mom had to put her cat Beau to sleep. He was sixteen too. Sending you much peace & love-

  6. Regina says:

    I somehow missed this post in November and finally read it with your Birthday Blog. Olivia mentioned he died a few weeks ago but when I read your post of Mischief passing, I cried. The loss of an animal is always so close to the surface, it reminded me of past beloved pets Max, Moby and JJ that we had to put down for age and illness. Danielle still can’t talk about when Moby died after undergoing surgery. She was so positive that he would be allright. Her young heart was broken. The memories of Mischief will always warm your heart.

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