New Year’s Random

I have been on my own winter break since Christmas Eve.  With the exception of one work day and some emails, I have been out of the office and not thinking about work too much. I had some big plans for the week which involved a trip to the mountains for snow play, entertaining friends, cleaning closets and reading.  I accomplished some of it, but for the most part, I spent a lot of time just chilling.  The weather in sunny Southern California encouraged this. It has been unusually cold, so  I stayed indoors, nursing a cold and doing some chores whenever I felt inspired, or not.

I rang in the New Year, with a very special, beautiful church service that ended in time for Juan and I to take the girls and Diego to a movie. Unfortunately, Nico was in Albuquerque with his dad.   With the chill in the air I got to wear my new handmade scarf and knit cap, which Erica said I wore too far forward so I looked too “French.” Perhaps the cap and lights around the nearly deserted movie theater inspired Juan to comment that it felt like we were in Paris, rather than California! I wish!

I smuggled in a split of champagne and paper cups to the movie theater and when the movie let out before the stroke of midnight I poured us all a round to toast the New Year. Diego looks passed out because he was, but not from the champagne.

The next day I spent in a cooking frenzy, and still nursing my cold. I cooked up a batch of black-eyed peas, corn bread and hot wings. It’s the Southern (California) girl in me that likes these New Year soul foods.  The food was shared with good friends who stopped by to eat and watch the Rose Bowl.

So this is how I spent a lot of my week… cooking cozy food, organizing closets and purging drawers. Juan spent a good part of the week working on this:

My husband is gifted at a lot of things, but for him three of the most feared words in the english language are “Some assembly required.”  So, when Diego wanted to spend his Christmas money on the Lego Starwars Command Center, Juan did his best not to be a Grinch and has spent the last few days assembling this masterpiece.

Today is the last day of my winter break and I will spend it I taking down my Christmas decor and doing the never ending pile of laundry.  Tomorrow the older kids go back to school, Juan goes back to working on justice, and I go back to my regularly scheduled life.  Sigh.  Bring on 2011….


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