Freshly Pressed In My New Year

This morning I was all set to write a post about how I had a wonderful birthday. About how much I enjoyed breakfast in bed, prepared by my husband,

Breakfast in bed

and presented by Diego, with a smile.

Breakfast smile

I was going to post about how I spent the day with my boys at the beach…

Nico and I on my birthday.

…and the sky was clear, and blue, and the temperature, a perfect 70 degrees.

And,  I was going to write about how I was actually getting  started on my  bucket list of 50 Before  50 because  of the birthday gift Juan gave me, Number 47.

Number 47 on my list

I was going to post about how turning another year older wasn’t so bad, and celebrating my birthday as my own personal New Year was a positive spin on the “age” thing.  The post was in my head and I wanted to get it out.  I wanted to sit down with my laptop and write about it. But wouldn’t you know it?  I came home from a day at the beach and my refrigerator was dead. Everything in the freezer was thawed. We spent the evening dumping food, moving everything that hadn’t spoiled  to our back-up garage fridge. I had to help the boys with their homework, and I still needed groceries for the week. No time to write. My post just stayed in my head. I thought I might be able to get out a draft during my lunch hour, but first I had to check my email for responses to the T-Ball team party I was planning.

What? No email from the other T-ball families? But, I did see an email from WordPress. And then another, and another. And this…

My blog had been Freshly Pressed!  This post was featured, and I was receiving dozens of comments, and “likes.” What a great belated birthday surprise! Thank you everyone for reading and commenting. Thank you for subscribing. Thank you for, well, “liking” me.  I think this is going to be a good year.


8 thoughts on “Freshly Pressed In My New Year

  1. I found your blog because of your bucket list tag, nice work.

    I’m “acting as if” on my blog. In other words I’m blogging like I’ve already achieved my goals. I intend to see if my actual life does follow this path.

    Care to exchange links?

    1. I’d love to exchange links. And interesting idea to be “acting as if.” I am finding that actually putting my 50 Before 50 Bucket list together is helping me to accomplish somethings already! Thanks for commenting.

  2. That sounds like pretty much the perfect birthday, even though I’m sure you could’ve done without the food dumping/fridge dying part. That’s great that you’re on FP!! Hope you enjoy the show too. I have fond memories of playing the Ahmanson, one of my favorite house crews ever.

    1. Thanks J. I love that you are a techie! I had stage dreams in my first life , and still have a few friends in the theater business. But, being LA, it’s not really a theatre town. Looking forward to Les Miz (again)

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