50/50 Friday – Week 3

Week Three of my 50 Things to Do Before 50 list and I made little progress, although I did manage to stay on track by trying out a new recipe.  This week was Father’s Day,  so in keeping with our hollandaise tradition I decided to make Eggs Benedict for Juan.  I mentioned before that this dish requires precision timing and coordination, and with me cooking solo, I needed to find a simple hollandaise sauce recipe. I looked online and found this one. I was not disappointed. The sauce was easy to make and it came out great. I added more lemon because I like my hollandaise tangy like that. I also halved the recipe so I would not have too much and it was a perfect amount for four eggs. Juan loved it. He especially liked the fact that I served it to him on a tray, in bed.

Diego was up early and crawled in bed with Juan so I brought Diego his own tray too.

Even though it's not his day, Diego gets breakfast in bed.

The thing about Eggs Benedict is that no matter how hard I try to clean my kitchen as I go, when I am done cooking, my kitchen ends up looking like this.

Number 36 on my list, “Get another dog,” has also gotten some attention this week. As I write this Juan is looking online at photos of adoptable dogs at the local animal shelters. I am not sure I am ready for another dog yet, but I may have little say in the matter. Juan seems to think a trip to an animal shelter in on our list of things to do this weekend. Check in next Friday for an update on my 50/50 list, and to see if we have a new addition to the family.


4 thoughts on “50/50 Friday – Week 3

  1. Oh man, I loves me some Eggs Benedict. Juan is a lucky man! I did bagels for Fathers’ Day breakfast. Failed on dinner- store was out of steak by the time I got there. He ended up doing burgers on the grill himself. But the reason I was late to the store was making a cake, buttercream frosting, and ice cream all from scratch. I would’ve made crappy steak anyway.

    1. Ha ha! Yes a man loves his steak. Well, come to think of it, so do I. But then again, what’s a Father’s Day without a barbeque? So, I’d say you did right. And I am sure a cake with buttercream frosting from scratch beats any store bought version!

  2. Regina says:

    I’m so happy you guys are ready to take the plunge into puppy parenthood. Danielle works at the PHS so she can give you the skinny on ALL the dogs.

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