BlogHer Bliss and Thoughts on my 100th Post

I think it’s fitting that my 100th post is about blogging and my experience at the past weekend’s mammoth blogging conference, BlogHer’ 11.  When I started this blogging project I really didn’t know where it would take me. I wasn’t even sure what I would write about, and as you can tell from my sometimes rambling, often random posts, I am still not always sure what specifically I blog about. In other words, I don’t have a niche blog. Instead, I blog about the things that interest me, (and I hope interest you),  otherwise known in the blogosphere as a lifestyle blog. Whatever, you call it–a lifestyle blog, an identity blog–I think, what I find special about blogging is the process. The process of having a thought and capturing it in a post. Experiencing a moment and documenting it in a story.  Creating something, and memorializing it in a photo or in a blog post, and then hitting the “publish” button and putting it out into the internet world. Sometimes I just hear crickets chirping, but, sometimes I reach someone.

Attending BlogHer conference this weekend, for me, was all about the “someone.” Sure, I went to a couple of really good sessions, I had a lot of fun at the parties, I walked the exhibit hall where I filled 4 bags of swag, and took some goofy pictures, but the best part of my BlogHer experience was about the people I met. There were over 3500 attendees, about 95% of them were women, and most of them with a shared passion and interest in blogging.  The more I talked to these women the more I realized, that although our blogs may have different content, we share an interest in the idea, and the communication of that idea. Sometimes, the idea is one which may hopefully generate a discussion, or create community.  For instance, some of the women I met this weekend were Latina bloggers, like me.  There were about 20 of us who gathered for margaritas, and socializing. Our blogs were as diverse as we were, because even though we are all Latinas, we are all unique.

Another group of bloggers I met with were the Step-family bloggers. There were only 7 of us, but we all shared similar stories of the challenges and joys in step-parenting. We had a great time offering support and encouragement to each other and giving voice to ideas to create a community  to offer support to other step-moms.

And then there was the other bloggers I met with, informally and casually. I roomed with JCK, a blogger who I know from my church. I got to know her more this weekend and loved the time we spent together.  Through her, I had the opportunity to meet other bloggers she knows, Jenn who blogs at  Juggling Life, and Maggie at Magpie Musing. On Friday night, while JCK and were at the bar, I met Jessica, whose own story about loss touched me so deeply I felt myself tearing up. But with her quick wit and comedic sense she had me crying with laughter a few minutes later.

Thanks for sharing the last 100 posts with me and I hope you’ll be along for the next 100. In the meantime, here’s my shameless plug for some of the product I tried at the conference:

Dove Ice Cream Bars: There were ice cream vendors everywhere, giving away their delicious chocolate bars. I loved the new peanut butter flavored bars.

Skinny Cows: A really good low-calorie ice cream sandwiches. Made me feel less guilty when I snacked on them after indulging in the Dove Bars.

Knorr: This isn’t your mom’s bouillon. I loved the new chicken bouillon base. So easy to cook with!

Pressman Toys: My kids are enjoying the games and puzzles I brought back for them.

Proctor and Gamble: I can’t wait to try the free product they are sending. I also got to participate in a personal version of the new Febreze campaign.


There were so many more! Thank you sponsors of BlogHer’11


4 thoughts on “BlogHer Bliss and Thoughts on my 100th Post

    1. I would love to meet you too Carrie. BlogHer was a lot of fun but, nut I am not sure I will want to go to NY for BlogHer ’12, the event itself is overwhelming as it is! Thank you for your kind words!

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