Mom’s House, Dad’s House – When Back and Forth Doesn’t Work for Back to School

Today I have a post up at Huffington Post. You might want to check it out by clicking here.

But, put on your earmuffs if you don’t want to hear a lot of divorce bashing from the commenters. I am tempted to respond to all the ruckus, but honestly, I agree, a little. Divorce can hurt kids. It’s difficult, for everyone. Staying married in an unhealthy situation can hurt kids too. It’s difficult, for everyone. I used to think I would never get divorced, but here I am. And I am doing the best I can, as I think we all try to do with our kids, and our families. So, read the post if you want, and leave a comment if you are so inclined.


3 thoughts on “Mom’s House, Dad’s House – When Back and Forth Doesn’t Work for Back to School

  1. Nice article! But wow, I couldn’t resist reading some of the comments, despite your warning. I’m surprised that in 2011 so many people are so judgmental about divorce. I’ve only been reading your log for a few months bit it sounds to me like you have a pretty happy blended family.

  2. Thanks. Honestly, I was really surprised at all the judgment and condemnation that the article generated. I know we have a pretty unconventional life when it comes to raising a family, but I didn’t think it was worth all that negativity. I thought that writing for the Divorce section of HP would be helpful to some people who are similarly situated, but it seems that many of those commenters weren’t “similarly situated” and wanted to pass along judgment on why we are such selfish parents and they are all better at 1) getting married, 2) staying married, 3) having children and 3) raising children. Sheesh!

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