Blog 2.0 (Or is it 3.0?)

If you are reading this then you know that I am re-launching this blog. Again.  It is ironic that the last entry before this post is titled “Back to Blogging.”  It seems like I continue to start and re-start posting to my blog after lapsing in and out of writing.  This time around I could not bring myself to writing because I was trying to avoid the awful truth that almost two years of blog posts had been lost to the cybersphere.  Let me explain.

I started blogging in 2009, with very little knowledge about servers, websites, and backing up data.  I just wanted to write.  My husband was my technical support.  Over the years, I went to a few blogger conferences and began to grow my blog.  I learned just enough technical stuff to be dangerous.  I decided to buy my own domain name,  I am not even sure I can explain how that works, but suffice to say, my blog was showing up at two addresses: and this address, Life Well I learned how to connect the two blog sites, so that when I posted at my own domain name, the blog post would show up here.  Then, the sharing feature stopped working and I did not fix it.  Ah well! I was still posting and saving my posts at my own blog address. Or so I thought.

The renewal to pay for my domain name came due right around the holidays.  It was a busy time.  We were experiencing a lot of stress in our family so I had gone into blog hibernation, and had stopped writing.  I was considering shutting down my blog at my domain name anyway so I did not make paying the renewal fee a priority.  Before I knew it, almost one month passed before I decided I wanted to maintain the blog.  When I checked the site, I discovered a notice that said, “Site not found.” What?! I immediately called the company and was told the site had been closed and they could not recover the data.  Worse yet, I really never got around to backing up the blog on my domain name.  As I began to realize the extent of the loss–two years of family stories, photos, my writings– I was overwhelmed.  I could not event think about it. This blog went silent.

My life went on. My kids got older. My job became more demanding. I became more despondent about my failed attempt at blogging, and my lackluster efforts at writing. I kept telling myself I wanted to be a writer, but what was I doing about it?  NOTHING.  I kept making excuses about why I couldn’t write. The kids’ lives were too private. My job was too busy.  I needed to be fully present for my family.  I was too old. Blah. Blah. Blah.

Then, a couple of things began to gnaw at me.  One of them was the voice of my cousin who had encouraged me when I was having doubts about applying to law school at the ripe old age of 29.  I told him I was getting too old. He told me I would be turning 30 anyway.  I could be turning 30 and be going to law school. Duh.

I also began listening to books.  I don’t have much time to read lately, but I have a lot of time in the car.  Commuting to work. Household chores. Running errands.  Listening to books has helped me tap into my love of stories, and my longing to write my own story.  I really enjoy historical fiction and don’t really enjoy non-fiction, but this book kept coming up on my social media feeds.

I thought the title was funny and I had expiring Audible credits, so I bought the audio book. I have listened and re-listened to sections. I play parts to my husband so he can understand what I am feeling. I bought the hard copy of the book so that I can mark it up. It has convicted me and led me back to the computer and this blog.

I will write my own story. I will practice the discipline of writing. Re-launching this blog will help me do both.  Thanks for visiting.

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