Writer’s Retreat

Earlier this week I ran away from home.  That is, I took a couple of days off work, packed a few essentials, my laptop, and some books and I drove to 2 hours to the mountains.  I left Juan and Diego to fend for themselves and left them a bag of Halloween candy to give out to trick or treaters, or eat as a dinner substitute.  I alternated between feelings of guilt and feelings of liberation.  Right now, as I sit here enjoying my coffee and writing this post, I think liberation is winning.  Last night, as I scrolled through my Facebook and Instagram feeds looking at all the Halloween fun, guilt was definitely on top.

My ever-supportive husband encouraged me to take this time as a retreat.  He knows how burned out I was feeling and how on fire I am to write and blog so he practically pushed me out the door.  Besides, we have timeshare points that will expire at the end of the year and he didn’t want them to go unused.  Family obligations, work, school and soccer schedules did not allow us to use the timeshare for a family vacation.  It has been good.  Despite the fact that I had to spend some time telecommuting for my real job, I have been able to write and blog. Most of all, it has been great to have the solitude and rest.

When I told my friend I was going away for a couple of days she seemed stunned. “Wait! You are going away by yourself? Aren’t you going to be lonely?  You are so brave.”  Actually, I don’t feel brave. When I checked into the timeshare I told the front desk my husband and son were with me. (Not that she couldn’t look out and see my empty car parked outside.)  I asked for the unit on the upper floor, and when I got to the unit I panicked slightly when I realized it was the last building on the property and was adjacent to the woods.  (Nice, unless you are worried that no on will hear your screams as you are being assaulted.) When I went to sleep at night I left the hall light on, double and triple checked the locks and put some furniture in front of door in case a mad man tried to break in.  This makes me wonder, do men ever take these measures when they travel alone?  I think not.

Juan and Diego will join me tonight. We plan to spend some time together outdoors, where there is actually Fall weather and color.  It’s a good thing too since I am getting a bit lonely and I am tired of moving furniture before I go to bed.

Do you ever enjoy traveling alone?

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