About Me and This Blog

This blog started in 2009, when raising four kids between the ages of 5 to 14 in a blended family and working full-time left me little time for any personal interests.  I wanted to change that, so my husband, tired of hearing me complain, set me up with a blog.  He knew I always enjoyed writing and mommy blogging was still a ‘thing” then.  We came up with the blog title mainly to chronicle life in a blended family. Over the years I memorialized a lot of our family life.  I went on a hiatus of sorts when life got really busy and my family stories began to feel like intrusions on my  growing kids’ lives.

Now that three of my kids are young adults and the youngest is a teenager at home, I don’t really want to call myself a mommy blogger.  I am still a mom, a step-mom, and wife and daughter.  I am a lawyer, a proud Latina, a feminist, and a lapsed Catholic/Practicing Episcopalian.  I am also a lover of travel, books, good food and nature.  Sometimes I exercise.  These titles, and interests blend into my life and make-up who I am. So, even though the focus of this blog may not be life in a blended family, I think the blog title still works.  Welcome to Life Well Blended 2.0.

I hope you stay awhile.