Here and There

I’m here!! Well, to be totally honest, I am only here for now.

In case you haven’t noticed the sound of crickets chirping on my blog, I haven’t posted in a while. In fact, it’s been a little over one month since my last post. I wish I could say that I was traveling the world, and was in an exotic location where there was no internet access. Or perhaps, that I was caught up in the middle of some terrific criminal trial that left me little time or energy to blog.  But, it was nothing that exciting, I was studying.  I was studying so much that Diego often asked me if I could stop reading long enough to give him a “hugga.” My stress and absence was enough that my teen kids even noticed, and prompted them to ask me when my exam would be over; and it was enough to make my high school daughter grin in delight when I asked her if she had any blank index cards I could use to make my own set of study flash cards.  Sigh.  Crazy as it is, between work, home and family, I really missed my busy but predictable life. I have a newfound respect for any parent who manages to juggle school, work and family at the same time. I only had to do it for a few months and it was awful. Now that the exam is over, and the period when I wait for exam results has begun, I am trying to get back to the business of living…and blogging.

While I was on blogging hiatus, I was not able to make much progress on my list of 50 Things to do Before my 50th Birthday, with the exception of one thing, Number 23, Get a New Blog Design. When I started blogging I knew next to nothing about it. I knew even less about creating my own blog site.  I used a blog theme that allowed me to design my own banner, but I have never liked my banner. In August, I attended a BlogHer session about designing your own site.  One of the session panelists  was Cynthia at Nap Warden Designs.  She provided a lot of great information and made the whole thing seem easy. I was inspired. Even though I lacked the technical know-how to create a new site, I thought that with a little time and effort, I could do it. Well, one month later, I was still fiddling around with this idea, and I wasn’t’ any closer to having a finished look. In fact, I spent more time trying to get the hang of codes, and design, than I did writing any content.  So, I decided to scrap the do-it-yourself idea and hire someone who actually knows what they are doing. I started exploring design sites and found some really great ideas. Lo and behold, the sites I liked the most were those created by Cynthia. I figured it was meant to be.  I hired Cynthia to re-design my blog. Part of her job was to figure out what I blogged about, and come up with something that captured my “brand.” She came up with what I think I’m about, family and  heritage. I hope you like it. I really do.

Since I was going to all this trouble of getting a new blog design I decided I should also get my own domain name. So, I am packing up this WordPress address, and moving here:

I hope you will follow me there by clicking on the link.  If you are a subscriber, then you will need to re-subscribe by clicking on one of the one of the icons on the new site. While you are at it, you can like my new Facebook page, or follow me on Twitter. And just to make it interesting, and because I have nothing better to do, I have decided to participate in NaBloPoMo again this year. This means I will be posting everyday for the month of November.  Now,  maybe instead of watching me study every night, my kids will see me blogging.


NaBloPoMo…The End

Sixty days ago I launched this blog. Thirty days ago I decided to put my money where my mouth is, my pedal to the metal, and commit to blogging every day, for the month of November. 30 days. 30 posts. Today I am done, finished, stick a fork in me, DONE!

 Participating in the National Blog Posting Month has been a test of my commitment to this blog and a test for me to see how serious I am about my writing. I have started many journals throughout my life, and none of them have daily journal entries. In fact, most of them just died after a couple of months.  So my participation in NaBloPo has been a success as far as I am concerned.  It’s motivated me to post something everyday. I don’t know that it’s been a complete success in getting me to write something good everyday, but that’s okay. Someone once told me that if I wanted to be a writer, I needed to write. So, I guess I am a writer, a little.

 Even though I haven’t penned the great Latina-American novel, writing something everyday has helped nurture my creative side, it’s given me ideas, and motivated me to talk to family members whose own stories need to be told. 

 Being part of NaBloPo has also given me community. The on-line community I’ve met through each one of you who has read my blog or posted a comment to my blog. This was especially evident from all the support and kindness I received after posting about my dog Mischief. I’ve also had community with fellow bloggers who I’ve met through Latina blogger conference, wonderful ladies and writers who support each other, and who are much more advanced than I am in the on-line world of blogging, networking, and Twittering.

 So tonight, I will celebrate the end of National Blog Posting Month with dinner out at a wonderful Mexican restaurant I have wanted to try for a long time. I will be meeting with two fellow Latina bloggers, and maybe they can finally teach me how to tweet.

Checking In with NaBloPoMo

 I signed up for National Blog Posting Month on November 1. Today marks the halfway point. I almost didn’t make it.  You see, it’s 10:00p.m on the 15th of November and I have gone all day without a post. I am tired and my brain is fried.  I started my day at 5:30am to take Olivia to school, made it to work at 7:00 where I put out about 3 fires. Then,  I raced off to Diego’s  parent teacher conference, picked up Nico from school, worked with Diego on homework, returned to school to pick up Erica from Girl Scouts, returned home to pick up Diego and take both of us to the dentist where I learned the unfortunate news that he would need a tooth extracted. Then I returned home to make dinner.  Simultaneously I ate dinner and quizzed Diego on his vocabulary words, did the dinner dishes and proceeded to bake two items for tomorrow’s bake sale. Just when was I supposed to blog today?  I almost gave up the NaBloPoMo, but I didn’t. I didn’t because I am kind of  enjoying this. I like the discipline it’s taking for me to sit down with my thoughts and actually produce something. Apart from the two things I baked today, the banana loaf and a carrot cake, I really did not create anything. This blog allows me to be creative, sometimes. And I produce something, from start to finish.  Too often my job does not allow me to create a finished product for months, if at all.  The responsibilities of motherhood can be mundane, exhausting, and garner little recognition.  So, even though I am tired, it’s late , and I nearly missed today’s post, I am still on track. And I get to do it all again tomorrow.  Fifteen more days to go.