Toy Story

This morning I was on my way out the door when I heard shrieking and explosions, and rapid gunfire. I do not live in a war zone, but I do live with a 6 year-old boy.  That is  when I noticed this…

Lego Guy was being held prisoner. The minions were torturing him as he sat over a burning a fire


Just in case Lego Guy thinks of escaping, the minions have a back-up Lego Skeleton armed with a laser gun, aimed directly at Lego Guy.


Army guys maintain their positions, just in case Lego Guy makes a run for it.


A Lego built launch pad houses a jet fighter ready to deploy. In the background is Luke Skywalker armed with the Force.


This minion is operating the computer, ensuring that Lego Guy does not get away.


...and of course there's always the Chief Minion standing by, just to make absolutely sure that things go according to his plan. Mwah, hah hah!!!