Today is Election Day. Two years ago, on Election Day, I was in Las Vegas, Nevada with my long-time friend Julie. We had voted absentee and traveled from California to be  poll monitors in the swing state of Nevada. We spent the entire day, beginning at 6:00 a.m., outside a polling place to ensure that people were exercising their constitutional right to vote unimpaired. As the day progressed and the polls closed around the country, we used our smart phones to watch voting returns and eagerly waited with excitement for our candidate to be forecasted the winner. By the time the election was called for our candidate, Julie and I were too exhausted to celebrate with all the other poll monitors. It was a historic day and one I will not forget. I was so glad to be a part of it, supporting the election, participating in the process. Throughout the 2008 campaign, Juan, my news junkie, politico fanatic husband, was completely in his element. I learned a lot from him. Our kids did too. All my kids knew about the candidates and engaged in our political discussions.  Even Diego, who was 4 at the time, knew the candidates. When he saw a dollar bill, he said the picture on it was John McCain. On Election Day 2008, Diego’s pre-school teacher asked all the kids, “What is the president?” The teacher had a large paper taped to the classroom door, and wrote the kids’ responses to the question on the paper. Most kids said a president was what you get for your birthday, at Christmas, etc.  Next to Diego’s name, it showed his response:

“A lot of people vote for the president. Me and my sisters and brother and Mom and Dad are voting for Rockobama.”

No doubt, you know that this year’s election is just as important as the election in 2008. I wish I were as engaged as I was before. Still, it’s hard not to feel that we are living in a historic time right now. So, even though, I will not be monitoring polls this year, or Diego may not be able to say who is running for the Governor of California, I will vote today. Will you?