Happy Birthday to My Blog

Today my blog celebrates its one-year birthday. This has to be some kind of record for me, because while I have started countless journals in my life, I have never written enough to keep them going for more than a couple of months before I abandon them to other pursuits.

But blogging has been different. I have posted something just about every month. Some months more than others, but baby steps, right? I  didn’t know it then, but when I started  this blog shortly before my birthday last year I thought I was checking something off my bucket list, and fulfilling this little writing fantasy of mine. It turns out this blog has been more than that to me. Besides finally being able to say that I “write,” blogging has taught me a few more things about myself:

1) I am creative.

When I was younger I would make doll clothes, do needlework, knit, and craft. I would write short stories, and poetry. Over the years I stopped being creative. Except for the occasional scrap booking party, or kid’s school project I stopped making things, I stopped creating. I also stopped writing. Maybe it was when I realized there was a lot of technical craft to it. As much perspiration as inspiration, perhaps? Maybe it was later when my writing was critiqued for poor grammar, and misplaced commas. Whatever. I stopped enjoying it, so I stopped doing it. Blogging has helped me remember of how much I enjoy being creative. And how a little perspiration isn’t such a bad thing after all.

2) I have something to say.

It may not be profound, or funny or amusing, or even interesting, but in my blog I get to say it. Enough said.

3) If you write it they will come.

Even though I had something to say, would anyone listen? I mean, besides my husband who has to listen to me. Based on some of your comments and my growing number of subscribers, someone out there is listening. Thank you.

3) I am (more) present.

My day flies by with work, kids, family, and chores. I am in a state of constant motion and I rarely stop to appreciate a moment, to capture a thought or preserve a memory.  Blogging has allowed me pause and take it all in. Sometimes my thoughts and ideas are fleeting and they leave my mind before I capture it in a post, but more often now I find myself jotting it down and taking time to preserve these thoughts and construct words and phrases about an experience or event in my life and the life of my family.

4) There is community in the blogosphere.

Sure, virtual contact is not the same as human contact but I have built some relationships with other bloggers just by reading and commenting on their blogs. Blogging also has given me a reason to attend blogger events and meet some of the bloggers whose blogs I’ve read, which leads me to my next point…

6) Its a small world after all.

The world is a lot smaller than we think. A few of the bloggers I’ve met ended up living only a few miles from me!

6) You can teach an old dog, new tricks.

Before I started blogging I was pretty good at navigating my way around MS Word and surfing the net, but launching my own blog? I did not know the first thing about it.  Well, it turns out am not as technologically challenged as I thought I was. I have actually had to learn two blogging platforms. I started out on Posterous and then moved to WordPress. Even though WordPress blogging platform is user friendly, it took me over a month from the time I decided to launch my blog and actually posting something. My husband teased that you would have thought I was launching a major website. In reality, I was working up my confidence and familiarizing myself with WordPress. Now that I have been doing this for a year I have learned just enough to be dangerous and throw out words like, URL, domain name, posts, tags, RSS feed.

So, that’s my year in review. I hope you’ve enjoyed something here at my blog. I know I have enjoyed doing it. I look forward to writing more posts and hearing from you with your comments and subscriptions. Thanks for stopping by and sharing this anniversary with me.

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I’ve Moved!

 I’ve moved. I’ve moved my blog site. I packed up my blog posts –few though they were—and moved from Posterous to WordPress. For those of you just tuning in, you can check out my earlier Posterous posts by scrolling down or clicking here.  When I started this experiment with blogging I really didn’t know much about how to do it. My husband, ever supportive, scouted out some blog sites that were supposed to be really user friendly, he found me Posterous. I liked it, at first. But then I started trying to post pictures and even some videos. It was supposed to be easy. But technically-challenged-former-broadcast-major-blogger that I am, couldn’t figure out how to post things without becoming so frustrated it depleted my creative energy and took the fun out of blogging.

So, here I am, at a new site, with a (hopefully) better blogging focus, and a new blog name.  My old blog was titled Dianabanana. I decided to change the name of my blog.  Banana is my childhood nickname, bestowed upon me by my father. My brother sometimes calls me Banana too. I don’t think anyone else has ever used it. Still, I kind of liked it because it was from my childhood. I liked it A LOT better than my other childhood nicknames, Nancy and Gordita. Nancy, from this comicstrip character.

Well, my grandmother used to call me that because of a really bad haircut. Here I am with the Nancy-do.

My other childhood nickname Gordita. No, not this kind of Gordita. 

Godita, was my nickname because I was, well gorda, or chubby. A little. Besides, nicknames like this are not uncommon in many latino households. Flaco, means skinny, was my brother’s nickname, and Fea, means ugly, my mother’s. But check this out—my mother was and is anything but Fea!

Gordita was my moniker, but it was said with complete affection. Never mind that this nickname gave me body image issues that plague me to this day. But that’s a whole other blog post. Anyway, my new blog title, hopefully encompasses a lot more than just who I was as a child.

And another change, suggested by my husband, JUAN. That’s right. J has been declared JUAN. After reading my last blog, JUAN told me he didn’t like me using initials for him and our kids. Even though I was trying to protect their anonymity by using their initials instead of their names, JUAN thought it was too distracting. So everyone’s full identity will be stated in this new blog. I won’t even use my kids’ childhood nicknames. This way they can have other issues when they get older. Like how their mom/step-mom violated their privacy by posting pictures and using them as material for her blog.

So, welcome to my, new, re-invented, blog. I hope you like it.